What does Huizhou lighting die - casting factory have? Have to mention Shuangcheng die casting



Because of its low melting point in use, it can be widely selected as metal type and pressure casting casting methods, in order to improve the connotation quality of the casting, scale accuracy and appearance of the degree of smoothness and production power.

What does Huizhou lighting die - casting factory have? Have to mention Shuangcheng die casting

What are Huizhou Lighting Die Casting Factory? We have to mention Shuangcheng die-casting

The die-casting factory talks about what aluminum die-casting is. Aluminum die-casting can effectively have its outstanding casting function. Because of its low melting point, it can widely choose its metal mold, die-casting and other casting methods to improve the connotation quality, scale accuracy, surface finish and output power of castings

Because of its large latent heat of condensation during the operation of aluminum die casting, the condensation process of its aluminum liquid is much longer than that of cast steel and cast iron continuously at the same component during the operation, with outstanding mobility, which is conducive to casting thin-walled and disordered castings

During the operation of aluminum die casting, alkaline polishing solution system is required. To some extent, the effects of corrosion inhibitors and viscosity agents on the polishing effect are compared. To some extent, an alkaline solution system with good polishing effect is successfully obtained, and for the first time, an additive that can reduce the operating temperature, prolong the service life of the solution, and improve the polishing effect is obtained

The aluminum die-casting solution can produce good polishing effect by effectively adding appropriate additives. In the process of operation, the reflectivity of the aluminum surface can reach 90% after DC constant voltage electrolytic polishing of the solution under certain conditions. The feasibility of using DC pulse electropolishing method to polish aluminum under alkaline conditions has been explored. The results show that the DC constant voltage electrolytic polishing method can achieve the leveling effect, However, the leveling speed is slow

Aluminum die casting has determined to develop a new environment-friendly chemical polishing technology with phosphoric acid monosulfuric acid as the base liquid. This technology should achieve zero NOx emission and overcome the quality defects of previous similar technologies. The key of the new technology is to add some compounds with special effects to the base solution to replace nitric acid. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the tri acid chemical polishing process of aluminum, especially the role of nitric acid

Aluminum die casting has incomparable advantages over other castings in the process of operation. In the process of operation, especially since automobile lightweight, aluminum die casting has been widely used in the car industry. The density of cast aluminum alloy in Zhongshan Lighting Die Casting Factory is smaller than that of cast iron and cast steel, while the specific strength is higher. Therefore, selecting aluminum alloy castings under the same load conditions can reduce the weight of the layout. Therefore, aluminum alloy castings are widely used in the aviation industry, power machinery and transportation machinery manufacturing

Use the Die Casting Die Test Sheet to check the working state of the die casting die, which is the most direct and reliable acceptance method; The main contents to be recorded in the mold test sheet are:

1. The action of the movable part of the mold during the mold test shall be flexible, stable, accurate and reliable, and whether there is any deflection or stagnation

2. The cooling water circuit and hydraulic oil circuit shall be smooth without leakage

3. The mold exhaust is good, and whether the metal liquid has splash phenomenon

4. Whether all parts of the mold required to be fixed move relatively

5. The sliding block shall move steadily, and the sliding block and wedge block shall be pressed tightly after mold closing. The contact area shall not be less than three quarters. The limit position after mold opening shall be accurate and reliable

6. The ejector rod of the mold has no abnormal sound, and the ejector return is normal

7. There is no abnormality in the punch following and the product ejection

8. Mold opening shall be free of tension crack, deformation, product parts falling off the fixed mold, etc

9. Preliminary dimension inspection results of product parts after mold preheating

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