How to deal with defects in aluminum alloy die casting?



How to deal with defects in aluminum alloy die casting?

Aluminum alloy die-casting parts have been widely used in many industries and fields such as electronic products, automobiles and daily necessities. However, there are some common defects and solutions of aluminum alloy die-casting parts

1. Impurities

The impurity problem of aluminum alloy die castings is mainly composed of compound grains containing aluminum, silicon and a large number of iron, manganese, chromium and other compounds at a certain temperature, as well as some oxides. It can be solved by strictly controlling the composition of aluminum ingots, regularly cleaning the furnace hearth, and regularly slagging

2. Porosity

It refers to the phenomenon of insufficient hardness of die castings caused by holes of different sizes on the interior or surface of die castings

3. Crack problem

Cracks refer to the destruction of the matrix of aluminum alloy die-casting parts and the formation of long and thin cracks, which are linear or other linear and tend to extend under external forces. These cracks can be solved by correctly controlling the alloy composition, increasing the cooling water channel, changing the structure of aluminum alloy die-casting parts and changing or increasing the ejection position

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