Aluminum alloy die casting design will affect the yield!



Aluminum alloy die casting has obvious characteristics, such as aluminum liquid cooling speed, strong cooling effect on aluminum alloy die casting, grain refinement, compact organization, high comprehensive mechanical properties, accurate size, smooth surface, quality improvement, reduce the uncertainty factors affecting casting quality, especially suitable for mass production, good organization, can minimize the processing margin and the size of the nozzle, At the same time, the product yield and blank utilization rate are higher than other die casting parts.

Aluminum alloy die casting design will affect the yield!

Aluminum alloy die-castinghas obvious characteristics, such as fast cooling speed of aluminum liquid, strong chilling effect on aluminum alloy die-casting castings, fine grains, dense structure, high comprehensive mechanical properties, accurate size, smooth surface, and improved quality. The uncertainty factors affecting the quality of castings are reduced. It is especially suitable for mass production, with good organization, which can minimize the machining allowance and riser size, while the process yield and The utilization rate of blank is higher than that of other die castings

Aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity and small volume heat capacity. During the flow process, the temperature of molten metal will drop rapidly. The molten aluminum is active and easy to be inhaled and oxidized. If the oxide film formed on the surface is always complete during pouring, it will play a good role in protecting the molten aluminum below from secondary oxidation. If the casting is not smooth or not smooth enough, the oxide film breaks, and the oxide slag on the surface is drawn into the molten aluminum below, it is difficult to float to the surface again, and various gases are not easy to separate out. Due to the similar density of aluminum and aluminum oxide, slag inclusion and high shrinkage rate are caused in the castings, and shrinkage cavity, porosity, pinhole, slag inclusion and other casting defects are easy to occur. Therefore, stable casting of aluminum alloy die casting parts is particularly important

In actual production, it is difficult to organically combine the advantages of traditional metal mold gravity casting gating system. If the filling stability (bottom injection) is emphasized, a reasonable cavity heat distribution cannot be obtained. If the reasonable heat distribution (top pouring) of the mold cavity is emphasized, the stability of pouring will be lost. One thing cannot be seen and another thing cannot be seen. Therefore, the traditional metal mold gravity casting process has caused a negative situation of low process yield and low billet utilization for a long time

Smooth filling, sufficient feeding and reasonable condensation sequence are the key problems to be solved in gating system design

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