How is aluminum alloy die casting done?



Aluminum alloy die casting, hot chamber die casting is to make the cast die casting alloy in a state corresponding to the metal temperature in the insulation furnace, at this time the overheating is relatively small, cold chamber die casting, in order to produce relatively thin die casting, and to obtain the low temperature chamber without other defects and more complete die casting, aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers require the casting alloy in a relatively large overheating state.

How is aluminum alloy die casting done?

Aluminum alloy die-casting, hot chamber die-casting is to make the casting die-casting alloy in a state corresponding to the metal temperature in the holding furnace. At this time, the overheating is relatively small. For cold chamber die-casting, in order to produce relatively thin die-casting pieces, and obtain a low temperature compartment free of other defects and more complete die-casting, the manufacturer of aluminum alloy die-casting pieces requires that the casting alloy be in a relatively large overheating state

Aluminum alloy die castings have a series of development characteristics, such as high precision and dimensional rules, which can be directly used in many different places, such as enterprise electronics, telecommunications, etc. The market has high requirements for aluminum alloy die castings. How does the manufacturer obtain a complete die casting

During the processing of aluminum alloy die castings, the manufacturer needs to strictly control the processing temperature. When processing aluminum alloy die castings, workers should ensure that the temperature is as accurate as possible or slightly higher than the liquidus temperature of the alloy used for aluminum alloy die castings. The liquidus temperature is far higher than the solidification temperature range of the main parts of the alloy. The manufacturer can reduce the temperature by adding a small amount of high melting point metal that will not harm the alloy, and then select a suitable die casting temperature between the liquidus temperature and the solidus temperature to complete the production

When the aluminum alloy is diecasted on the cold chamber die-casting machine, the semi-solid die-casting process is adopted. The die-casting temperature is lower than the liquidus and solid point of the alloy. The aluminum alloy die-casting parts are liquefied through the "spray effect" of the inner gate, so that more complete die-casting parts can be obtained to complete the production

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