How to solve the workpiece crack of aluminum alloy die casting?



How to solve the crack of aluminum alloy die casting process? The following Xiaobian to analyze for you:

How to solve the workpiece crack of aluminum alloy die casting?

How to solve the processing cracks of aluminum alloy die casting? The following is a brief compilation to explain:

II. Improvement measures on die casting process

The crack defect of aluminum alloy die castings is still high, which is caused by a combination of many factors. Therefore, measures should be taken at the same time for multiple pipes. Stiffeners are added on the mold for the thin wall position, and the rough phenomenon in transportation is also reported

III. The effect after improvement

After the implementation of improvement, the crack defects began to be improved

The above is the solution to the crack of aluminum alloy die castings. I hope this article can help you

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