Ion coating technology of die casting die



In the die casting industry, problems such as high rejection rate, low production efficiency and even mold damage caused by mold sticking, erosion and corrosion in the process of die casting have always been a big problem plaguing die casting enterprises. Now, applying modern surface engineering technology to the surface treatment of die casting mold has greatly improved the surface performance of die casting mold, and it is long-term. It solves the problem that traditional craft cannot solve. In the words of the industry is to create the first die casting mold surface treatment.

Ion coating technology of die casting die

In the die casting industry, problems such as high product scrap rate, low production efficiency, and even damage to the mold caused by die sticking, erosion, and corrosion during the die casting process have been a major problem for die casting enterprises. Now, modern surface engineering technology is applied to the surface treatment of die casting molds, which greatly improves the surface performance ofdie casting molds, It solves the problems that can not be solved by traditional technology. In the words of insiders, it is a pioneer in surface treatment of die casting dies

This method uses ion coating technology to deposit a layer of metal ceramic film on the surface of the mold. This film has the functions of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Because the materials used in this film are not compatible with or react with aluminum, zinc and other metal solutions, it can greatly improve the mold release performance of the die castings without sticking. For example, an aluminum alloy die casting from a manufacturer has high product quality requirements, If you have to press the mold for an hour, you have to polish it. After surface treatment, the mold takes eight hours to come down, and it is very easy to clean

In zinc alloy die casting, because the zinc alloy solution is very easy to react with the die steel, some dies have been corroded during the trial stage. After the surface treatment of the mold, because the zinc alloy solution does not contact the mold directly, this situation is completely eliminated, the service life of the mold is extended, and the production efficiency and product quality are improved

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