Aluminum alloy die casting factory: aluminum alloy die casting can not do oxidation treatment



At present, aluminum alloy die casting is widely used, and people's demand for the quality and appearance of the product itself is more strict. The appearance of the product after oxidation treatment is very beautiful. So many customers don't understand why aluminum die casting can't be oxidized? So today, the aluminum alloy die casting factory Xiaobian will answer for you!

Aluminum alloy die casting factory: aluminum alloy die casting can not do oxidation treatment

At present,aluminum alloy die-castingparts are widely used, and people have more strict requirements on the quality and appearance of products. The appearance of products after oxidation treatment is very beautiful. Therefore, many customers do not understand why aluminum die castings cannot be oxidized? Then today'saluminum alloy die-casting factoryeditor will answer for you

To be clear, anodizing of aluminum is the whole process of this electrolytic air oxidation. In the whole process, the surface layer of aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles is generally converted into layers of air oxide film, which has defensive, decorative art and some other characteristics. From this definition, anodizing of aluminum only includes the whole process of converting to anodizing film

Alloy castings and castings usually have a high silicon water content. Even if ht412 die casting aluminum special type ash remover is applied, the anodic treatment film will be dark brown, and it is impossible to obtain a fully transparent air oxide film without color. With the increase of silicon water content, the color of the anodic treatment film will change from light gray to dark gray to gray black. Therefore, aluminum alloy casting is not suitable for traditional anodic treatment

After the answers compiled by the aluminum alloy die-casting factory above, I believe you all know why aluminum alloy die-casting is not suitable for anodizing. If you really need to do oxidation treatment, you need to consider other materials to help you achieve it

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