Zinc alloy die casting factory: zinc alloy die casting electroplating quality affected by what several aspects?



This link is very important for zinc alloy die casting to do electroplating surface treatment. If the electroplating is not done well, all the early work is equal to a waste of effort, so we must pay attention to the product electroplating link. So what factors affect the plating quality?

Zinc alloy die casting factory: zinc alloy die casting electroplating quality affected by what several aspects?

Zinc alloy die-castingIt is very important to do electroplating surface treatment for parts. If the electroplating is not done well, all the previous work is wasted, so pay attention to the product electroplating. What factors affect the electroplating quality< Strong>Zinc Alloy Die Casting Factory For the selection of raw materials for zinc alloy die castings, the normal national standard materials must be selected for product die casting

II. The design of zinc alloy die castings should be reasonable. The covering ability of electroplating should be considered for the shape of die castings, and the through holes should be reduced as much as possible to make it difficult to carry the solution in water washing. The sharp corners and other parts should be cut to make the power lines evenly distributed during electroplating

III. The die casting process and die casting die design are reasonable, so that the die castings will not suffer from shrinkage, pinhole and porosity, which will directly affect the coating adhesion

IV. During the production of zinc alloy die castings, try to reduce segregation, such as aluminum segregation in some parts. When degreasing, aluminum will dissolve first, which will cause air holes and pinholes on the surface of the die castings and cannot be cleaned, resulting in poor adhesion, leading to coating peeling and blistering

V. Pay attention to the size during the grinding and polishing process. The 0.05~0.1mm fine dense layer formed during the cooling process of the die casting surface is very important for electroplating. Try to reduce the loss of the fine dense layer during the grinding and polishing process. If this layer is ground away, the porous structure will be exposed, and a good electroplating layer will not be obtained on this layer

VI. The copper nickel chromium electrodeposited coating composed of multiple plating types is a negative plate coating relative to the substrate. As long as the mechanical maintenance is effective, the zinc alloy parts will corrode in the humid air, so it is necessary to ensure that the coating is free of holes, otherwise the corrosion products of zinc alloy will make the coating bubble. Compared with steel parts, the coating should be thicker, which can be applied to zinc alloy die castings

VII. The residue of die castings in the process of die casting and machining should be cleaned as much as possible after processing. As the residue is a vivid metal, it will react with the solution in any process of electroplating and damage the plating solution, which will affect the electroplating quality

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