How do die casting structural parts work on automobiles



How to carry out die casting structural parts in the automobile, die casting, the development and production of large and complex castings by the automobile company, and reduce the cost

How do die casting structural parts work on automobiles

die casting structuredie cast structural partsHow to carry out on the automobile? The research on the die-casting process of structural parts involves factors such as die-casting machines, die-casting molds, alloy materials, alloy liquid treatment, vacuum technology application, and process design parameters can be optimized. Compared with die-casting machines, which use die-casting machines, two pieces of the first mock examination, and small tonnage die-casting machines, the structural design of castings can be more compact by providing a higher clamping force, and the service quality and performance of enterprises' products can be improved

In vacuum die casting, the porosity of the die casting will cause local stress concentration, form a crack source, and reduce the strength and fatigue resistance of the casting1 knife. Vacuum die casting is an effective method to reduce the problem of porosity. With vacuum die casting technology, the gas in the die casting cavity and the cavity is extracted, so that the molten metal can fill the cavity under relative vacuum conditions, significantly reducing the dissolved gas and porosity in the casting, and improving the density of the internal structure of the casting. The die casting can Carry out heat treatment to improve comprehensive mechanical properties

For the mold, the shape of the part is complex, the wall is thin, and the cooling speed is fast. The die casting process will produce large stress, which will lead to deformation. To ensure the factory size of the casting, the reverse deformation problem has been considered in the mold design stage. The correctness of the mold cooling design has a decisive impact on the solidification process of the casting.

Informatization, casting temperature, mold temperature, high pressure injection speed, filling time, pressure retaining pressure, vacuum and other real-time monitoring and recording, and important data for strict monitoring and control of product quality during the casting process. There are pre screened two-dimensional codes carved by blank laser marking machines to achieve subsequent processing and traceability management.

Packaging and transportation. Castings without runner system and flash shall be subject to ex factory quality inspection. Castings with complete structure, qualified contour and feature dimensions, and no casting technical defects in other countries shall be boxed and sent to outsourcing machining manufacturing enterprises.

die-casting structures, According to the shape and dimensions of the truck, the end user's products of the original equipment manufacturer use the clamping mechanism for the fixed part of the compound block designed products to ensure economic blank in the transmission and safety process from a feeding box without contact bumps. Standard side curtain truck, with loading dock to transport truck parts. It is very convenient to remove the curtain at the side of the engine room. The tank is discharged at the side and the rear, and the main body and the detachable front do not have to wait for the driver for loading and unloading time; Both have improved the safety and efficiency of transportation

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