Basic principles of die - casting process followed by precision die - casting factories



The basic principles followed by the die casting process, the influence of the consistent casting blank benchmark on the processing accuracy, the development of the die casting industry, we can have a deeper understanding of the pressing process of die casting through the summary of the production management practice of die casting

Basic principles of die - casting process followed by precision die - casting factories

Precision die casting die factory

1.Precision Die Casting Die Factory, Die casting rough drawing and password. During the preparation of die casting production activities, according to the reviewed feasible product part drawings, the die casting engineer shall draw the main part casting drawings of the product and complete countersignature. The design and teaching quality management of die casting blank drawing should be scientifically and specifically embodied in the drawing. Research scheme of die casting process, requirements for technical development and quality problems, different dimensional tolerance of position, machining allowance and casting slope, parting position, mold ejection position, and important dimensional datum position

2. For the dimension reference of the die casting die, the die design shall be strictly controlled according to the casting drawing standards. The standard liquid level shall be parallel to the parting surface of the die. For the important dimensions, there is no active slider designed for die forming. In order to prevent the casting from generating serious stress and deformation, the casting must be separated from the die, and a cold and hot temperature control device shall be designed to ensure the cold and hot balance. For the design of multi cavity die, separation marks shall be used to facilitate the design Processing

3 Refer to the casting process verification,precision die casting die factoryBasic principles for die casting process,

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